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Residing in Slovenia (born 1955) and considered himself a self-taught artist despite taking academic artists' lessons as well at the start of his professional carrier. The inevitable fact is that art talent is a family tradition while his relative Fran Tratnik was a famous Slovenian impressionistic artist with an academic degree and European reputation.

Anton started as a full-time job artist in the early nineties and since then hundreds of his paintings were created and sold. Regardless of all the intensive years in the artistic world, he still is more than passionate and creates daily.

Motifs are sourced from so adored local community, environment, family relations, and personal life anecdotes.  Fully dedicated to each piece of art that he works on so always leaving a piece of himself. As a self-taught artist has established his style with unique features, also so colorful paint expressions that always are on the move and reflect endless stories. His artworks live constantly and share their main message no matter the era they will be exposed to.

Abstract style on canvas is the one that encourages and motivates him for the future search of undiscovered. Anton believes that art is for the people who just fundamentally love it from the bottom of their hearts. Each art enthusiast is allowed and welcomes to have its own eyes to decide what makes him happy and excited over.

Anton always tries to pay special attention to explain his art style and meaning behind so indeed enjoys spending much of time to discuss with art lovers or experienced art collectors interested in his works.

Most of the paintings are being sold directly from his home studio where he has created for almost 30 years. The rest of the artworks are constantly selling online over different art platforms where Anton is present for many years.

Let's enjoy the times of our lives, art is a major part of it whether we are aware of it or not!

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