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Aoife Dillon is an English painter currently completing her Fine Art Painting degree at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Being enamoured with portraiture from an early age, her fascination with the ability to capture the complex physical and emotional existence of a person through the medium of paint has deepened with age, evolving into a compelling determination to explore the lives of strangers and friends.
During a residency in 2017 at the Unruly Collective, Brooklyn, NYC, she was deeply impressed by the eclectic mix of characters and their stories of worlds far from her own, the graffiti laden streets and the spontaneous nature of the city. This, combined with her love of classic portraiture, inspired her to create vibrant works full of pattern and eye catching colour palettes, transforming everyday scenes into worlds of colour. Her focus lies in documenting the experiences of ordinary people in terms of identity and presenting a new, unique perception of reality with each piece; the Carl Rogers quote 'There are as many different real worlds as there are people' has stuck with her throughout her creative practice.
Aoife worked as an intern for Lhouette Studios, has been interviewed for an article in DIY Youth and featured several times in print zines as well as showing work in group exhibitions in London, Dublin and New York. While living and studying in Dublin she regularly participates in group shows and live painting events throughout the city. Aoife undertakes commissions on a regular basis, one of which being the official portrait of the Student Union Presidents commissioned by the National College of Art and Design. Her most recent achievement is being selected as a winner of the Horsfall Portrait Competition 2020.

Awards- Winner of the Horsfall Portrait Competition 2020

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