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I am an Indian artist born in London (UK) in 1998 and brought up in Assam (India). As an Earth Science (Geology) undergraduate student and a painter, I am fanatical about combing the scenic beauty of the natural scenarios while visualizing the resources during my teaching and experiential learning programs. My academic background in fine arts encompasses the award of 'Diploma' following a tenure of 5years art schooling in Assam. I  was inspired by my parents to join in school level art competitions organized from time to time by the local organizers commensurating the state and national events in my country. It's so relaxing for me to put my different emotions on Canvas with strong colors. Although I have experimented with a pen, pencil, watercolor, and charcoal, I prefer working with Acrylic paints, structured paste, and handcrafts of different mediums. My aim is to let the observer plunge for one moment, to forget all the untoward eventualities, and let one become mindful and refreshing. I believe in searching positivity amidst all odds through my devotion and endeavor on pursuing fine arts in day to day life.  

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