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My professional name is Aria Studio, and my name is Aria Golestaneh. Since university, my creative skills have been applied to fashion accessories design and production, interior design, makeup art and graphic design. I am a self-taught artist, currently based in Brighton.


A BA in Religious Studies from Kings College London has given me a philosophical approach as an artist.  My work explores the human psyche's conflicting need for both surrender and control.  Mystical states and the sublime in nature are contrasted with the conscious ego-led rational mind, which fight for dominance.  My work draws on ideas of lifting veils of perception, influenced by Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception and George Eliot's The Lifted Veil, as well as women pioneers of the abstract expressionist movement, specifically Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaller and Judith Godwin.


The abandon of gestural abstract expressionist painting, is tempered with the more considered and controlled medium of collage.  I use a variety of media in my artwork including acrylic paint, oil pastels, watercolour and archival tissue as well as artisanal Japanese papers for collage.  The viewer of my work is invited to engage in a visual meditation which foregrounds the ways we navigate the world amid the flux of our contrasting and contradictory psychological needs.  At stake is how our perception can either liberate or imprison us.


I am constantly creating new artwork and I am always happy to consider requests for commissioned pieces.

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