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In some galleries or art fares, I find my attention drawn towards certain pieces. At this moment
my mind is awake, induced by the power of the artistic work, and I am present with all my
senses. And then I think: „Thanks! I am so grateful that somebody created this wonderful
piece of art!“ The flow of information between creator, artwork, and observer becomes
noticeable. At this moment I am happy and deeply inspired.
Fifteen years ago I prepared paintings for my first solo show in Guernica, Basque Country.
Since this time I experimented with sand, earth, bitumen, and coffee powder. I developed a
the technique, which I continued unlocking until today.
My artwork has mainly abstract character. I bring in figurative elements like (architectural)
landscapes, human bodies, and empty spaces interacting with each other. In my artistic
work, repetitive stylistic elements show up ever so often. I always stay focussed with an
exploring and perceptive attitude to expand and refine my style and my techniques.
I create individual pieces in which I want to show recognizable traces of my workflow.
After all, a high degree of aesthetics, and striving for perfect execution, are very important
to me. In my art, I am constantly trying to give each individual work its own character.
I hope you find some inspirational moments discovering and watching my art. Come along
and join me on my journey exploring color, structure and form.

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