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Arrachme is an award-winning fine artist with paintings consistently exhibited in museums worldwide. She is an arts educator, lecturer, and exhibition judge.
“I paint peaceful uplifting paintings for people who want to feel freedom. My medium use spans a variety as it is the reaction of their constitution that I am seeking

rather than what lies on the surface. Even though the ability to mix media
is highly technical, achieving the result is something that must be experienced in the moment. We move into the time when unique exciting art will also be the result of the required social change for humanity. The question is which comes
first, the metamorphosis or change parallel the artist that can see and feel.”

Exhibitions -

Incheon Marine Exhibition 2020 - 2021- South Korea
Artist Network International - Cover – 2019
Strokes of Genius -Best Drawing Winner- 2016
Artistworks International Competition- 2009
19th, 20th Incheon Metropolitan Exhibition 2019-2020- 2021, 4th Place in 2020
Azit Museum Gallery—South Korea 2019
World Mastery of Contemporary Art -Morocco, France, and Europe – 2016

Hageumgang Museum – South Korea- 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Best Modern Contemporary Artist-Edenborough Scotland- 2016
Mardleybury Gallery UK, Global Reactive Art Exhibition- 2017
Appleton Museum, Florida USA – A Toast To The Arts 2015, 2016
International Society of Acrylic Painters – 2019
Illume – Americas Exhibition USA – 2019, 2020
Circle For The Arts Foundation, Lyon France, Honorable Mention, – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Ahwaz and Defzul Museum- Iran – 2018, 2019
Art Monaco- 2014
Art Basel – Spectrum- Solo Exhibition 2015
New York Solo Exhibition- 2014
Paul Fisher Gallery, Ft Lauderdale Gallery – 2015
Paint Me Miami- USA – Certificate of Merit- 2015

Artquake Exhibition #1- #6, Istanbul Turkey  2018- 2020

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