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Swedish self-taught multi artist Berndt Sjösten gathers all his art under his artist name “Art by Berndt”. He was born and raised in Finland, but moved to Sweden when adult.
He started his artistic journey in photography as a young boy and only recently did he turn his way into painted art. In his art he focuses on creating mainly abstract art in different mediums like acrylics, mixed media, oil or alco ink and he also paints digitally. You can often find recurring elements in his art, such as lines or other geometrical forms. The abstract world fascinates him with all the endless combination of forms and colors as an alternative to his picturesque landscape and nature photographs. His digitally painted art are produced as physical prints on canvas or Fine Art paper, limited to a unique single edition.

Berndt loves nature which is also the source to his inspiration. His challenge is to use the right type of medium when trying to express what inspires him at the moment. Creativity means a lot to Berndt to feel good and enjoy life and he finds it joyful to convert his abstract ideas into forms and colors or in black &  white tones.
His motto is: “What I can’t photograph, I paint and what I can’t paint, I photograph”.

Berndt has exhibited his art at several exhibitions, (covering photographs to painted and digitally created art), in group exhibitions as well as his own solo exhibitions. Recently one of his digitally painted artwork was selected by a curator and small panel, to be included in an inaugural
contemporary art book – Art Folio 2020, published in the USA.

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