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My name is ArtonX, I live in Rijnsburg, a small village in the Netherlands, near Leiden (the city where Rembrandt was born). I am 55 years of age. I followed a course in The Hague, the Academy of Arts (Academie Voor Beeldende Kunsten) and finished this study approximately in 1990 with a stipend. (I took an exam in the courses Designing, Drawing, and Painting). A stipend is an incentive price encouraging young artists. I was invited for two expositions at that time and with one of these two, some of my artworks were refused to exhibit. (too offensive). Therefore I made for myself a radical decision not to make art anymore, because of my frustration about the refusal. At the age of 42, I got very ill as a result of cancer. I realized that I had to change my life and to do the things I had to do. Participating in art. Art was always in my mind and I created many things in my mind, but it came never to a result. In December 2018 I spoke to a friend on the 31st of December and he told me a story about his son, who is traveling around the world and when he is broke, he comes home to work, to earn some savings. So, when his son comes home, his father askes him: Can you show some pictures of the places you've been to? Then the son takes his laptop, opens it, and shows his father the most beautiful pictures of places he visited. (The clue is, he did not shoot any of these pictures by himself). That is how the present generation probably thinks. Everything has already made. The most beautiful pictures, you can find them on the internet. That was for me the inspiration to make art again, after about 25 years. My mind exploded. Since then, until now, I created about 1,000 pieces of artwork. I had to catch up apparently.


My artwork

I am fascinated by portraits, mainly models. The Models are often extremely beautiful, in beauty or ugliness. For 1 portrait I sometimes blend 10 portraits. I use the painter's strokes, the sketches of artists and everything interesting on the internet to make these portraits as personal as possible. This is how I compose a personal portrait or mask. The portraits look at the viewer and the viewer looks at the person portrayed. Watching and being watched. I show the faces/masks in different emotions, sometimes even extreme. I give each face op mask a name; a name that comes up at that moment. I keep looking for the ultimate portrait or whatever that may be. I just don't know what it is at this moment. At the moment I mainly make digital work. Lately, I also make paintings on canvas (Mixed media).


'You will learn at your experience that you will meet millions of masks and very few faces every day along the way' (Luigi Pirandello).

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