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Arts by deema is an abstract arts studio that is based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The studio was, jointly, set up by Shadya Al Ismaily and her son Abdulla Al Riyami.

All her life, Shadya has been passionate about anything related to creativity. Although she is a finance professional; who held very exciting leading roles throughout her career time, she realized that creativity was her life, and she could not live without it. It took a big leap of faith for her to decide to quit her job in 2011, and focus on creativity.

After her resignation, Shadya and her daughter Suad (a lawyer by profession) registered their luxury brand @deemaoman; pouring all creativity into it. The brand received many international and regional awards and recognitions. They design fine jewellery, beautiful chinaware, linen, and exclusive objet d'art.

It looks like the love for arts runs in the family’s DNA; 30 years old Abdulla Al Riyami, a media communication professional and, as his mother, a self-taught artist, started as a graffiti enthusiast, spending a lot of time in his teen years designing new fonts and different color combinations. It wasn't until stumbling across artworks by Banksy, that made him enjoy symbolism, the art of conveying a message without the aid of any word.

While Abdulla’s arts touching on various subjects from insecurities to political statements, Abdulla paints his feelings, and it is up to the perceiver to find meaning and harmony in all the madness, Shadya, primarily, loves painting large acrylic abstracts exploring the elements of spontaneity, simplicity, contrast and colors.

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