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Hello and a warm welcome to my art!


I have painted for periods throughout my life. After a period of sick leave and much pain, I decided to start painting again. Painting and creating have become my passion and now I can't stop. When I paint I experience relaxation, flow, wonder, color joy, and sometimes magic. I enjoy painting and it´is lovely that many others who see my art feel joy and energy too. I love it when others say that they are happy with my art, that it lights up and is colorful.


I usually paint in acrylic. Elements of structural material and many layers of color mean that the paintings have a lot of structure. Other materials I sometimes use are oil pastels, dry pastels, and acrylic pens. I have also worked with collage and mixed media. The substrate is acrylic paper and canvas of linen or cotton. I enjoy exploring different techniques and materials.


I rarely plan the painting in advance, usually, I follow my intuition. I don't paint from reality. The paintings are usually semi-abstract, colorful with some details.


I get inspiration from people, music, nature, and animals. This inspiration together with my intuition creates my works of art.


With my art, I want to convey color joy, wonder, and maybe also magic. I want the viewer to find different layers and meanings in my works.

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