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Dear art lover, first of all thank you for your interest in art. I'm Aslı Akman. I was born in Istanbul in 1984, I have been living in Cyprus for about 11 years. My adventure in art started 15 years ago in a painting workshop in Bakırköy Culture Center in İstanbul . After 4 years actively, I had the chance to make a second career in tourism. The art of painting was like a secret refuge that I have always had in my life but which I have developed as a hobby.

However, for the last 1 year, I am satisfied with recycling back to active art life. Art Again is in the first place for me. Over the next few years, my work took on a blend of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, incorporating bolder colors and subjects straight out of pop culture . My paintings can be found in the homes of private collectors, hotels, restaurants, and galleries across Cyprus. I hope this compilation of my works mainly in different styles will bring you one step closer to my art...

I hope that my colors will be good for you.
Aslı Akman

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