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Asra is a Manchester based abstract expressionist artist with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Her work is about the chaotic love of motherhood and serves as a grounding, meditative practice for her.  

Using a variety of tools like cups, palette knives, brushes, etc., Asra splashes paint onto a canvas in a way she can’t fully control. In doing so, she gets into a negotiation with paint: A power struggle where the choice of colors is structured and deliberate but the textures and marks are spontaneous, raw, and free. This liberates her work from conventional restraints as she asks the question: “Who’s really in

control: the paint or me?”

She paints in acrylics on canvas or paper with contrasting cheerful and moody colors.

Her aim is to create immersive paintings that people can’t help but gaze at and notice a new stroke, texture, or detail every day.

Asra’s paintings have been purchased and collected worldwide with works livening up homes in London, Manchester, Sydney, Calgary, and Dubai.

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