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Starting off his artistic venture in Pakistan, Ateeq aimed to change the perception and stigma surrounding mental health. Ateeq’s art is a method for him to connect to those that lack a voice in a society that judges mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and other disorders as a weakness. Growing up in a male-dominated society, any emotion or sensitivity was perceived as “feminine” and the females that suffered silently suffered even more. His art can be described as hope, liberation with a focus on existentialism.


After living in the United Kingdom, and more recently, Miami, Florida, Ateeq extended his range of artistic portfolio by integrating digital art, as a message to connect the world together through the power of abstract visuals.


An interesting element Ateeq tries to encourage through his work is the need to embrace your inner child forever, adapting youthful energy in a world that insists on losing that inner child as a prerequisite to “growing up”.


Now, Ateeq continues his journey to empower expression in societies where embracing human emotions is a challenge, whilst maintaining a human connection through his projects.


  Artistic methods include acrylic pouring, digital art.

  Artistic influences - Van Gogh, Jamali

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