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I grew up in Hungary on the border of a little town just next to the river Danube. I spent my childhood drawing horses and the beautiful nature which was surrounding me. 


After turning 18 I moved to Budapest to study economics and design. In my twenties, I was on a mission to travel as much as possible to discover the beauties the globe can offer and to train my eyes seeing different colors and countries and cultures. 


During my travels, I started to feel a really strong need to express all the magnificent aesthetics my eyes were lucky enough to capture. I was almost itching. I worked a lot with pencil, aquarelle, pastel, gouache, and acryl during my school years, but this time I wanted to do something different. 


This was the point I went to buy my first canvas. I thought I’m making the piece for my own walls but just 6 months later a business partner of my convinced to sell it to him after discovering the painting on social media.


I believe in quality and I believe in a slow process. when I do a piece it usually takes 3-9 months to let it go. My art practice is all about bringing long-lasting pleasure to the eyes by not compromising at all when it comes to time, quality, and quantity about materials used. I strictly paint with oil and when I use gold I use only 24k gold. This might be the reason that the first 5 years of my art practice an international bouquet of collectors bought all my works without any gallery or art dealer involved.


I use simple brushstrokes but I like to create multiple layers of different blacks and different whites within one painting. These hidden stories making the viewer able to find something new in my paintings even years after purchase.
When I add colors it's all about finding a sophisticated harmony with visual weights even on those pieces which look harsh for the first glance. 


My paintings are offering a personal and unique experience to the viewer based on the individual's current mood, personal history, and beliefs."

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