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My name is Aurelio Bellini, I was born in Sanremo on April 8, 1963.
My father Bellini Nino, a painter, attended the circle of artists from Bussana vecchia and Sanremo in the years 1963-1969, taking me with him to the various collective of countries and making me participate in 1968 to a collective that earned me an award like younger participant.
In 1982 I decided to enroll in the faculty of Architecture of Florence.
A period of knowledge and experience begins unforgettable.
In the meantime I become a good frequenter of the "Vivita" art gallery in Florence, which was one of the prominent places of modern Tuscan art.
During my studies, I carried out several exams on territory of Triora and the hinterland of the Valley Argentina (Imperia).
In the 90s I had the opportunity to visit museums art in Basel and Berlin, which they gave me the opportunity to appreciate important works modern from life.
Finally, I enrolled in the Institute of Ligurian Studies, attending the Bicknell Museum in Bordighera (Imperia).
In 2005 I met the artist Guy Ontillera, from Apricale. The desire to do things together is born, but fate wanted my new friend to leave us prematurely, like this, with a deep bitterness and sadness in my heart, I entered oblivion.
Since 2015 I have been producing a series of works with the intent to research new materialities.
For me, creative work is a continuous discovery in the balance between chaos and order.
I am influenced by science, nature and from architecture.
I am a curious with the soul of a child to discovery of the world.

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