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I was born into a fragmented and artistic upbringing in New York during 1980.  After serving the United States Armed Forces in Germany, I relocated to North Carolina to pursue a degree in Fine Art in 2001. While I have had many health barriers to overcome, I obtained my AFA degree in photography in 2011 and am working toward a BFA degree in sculpture.


My art was born while searching for a more tangible way to process the physical and emotional effects of living a stress-filled life. Always mentally and physically overwhelmed with the responsibilities of each day, I found myself with increasingly less time to reflect and work on myself. My health declined until I was bedridden. It was in this place that I began to create art while engaged in a state of meditation or mindfulness exercise as a means to perpetuate daily healing.

  I use resin, ink, and mica to help me showcase this journey by creating intuitive responses that occupy the space inside or around static geometric forms and shapes. As this technique evolved, my art became increasingly abstract and individualized.  The meditational aspects inherent to this process allow me to explore my thoughts in a tranquil and unencumbered space while varying levels of transparency allow me to express myself honestly. Now, each finished creation is a physical portrait of the emotional and spiritual work that was accomplished while simultaneously translating that into a physically relatable object of exploration and self-acceptance.

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