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Barbara is a constant doodler, photographer, bookmaker and horticulturist who lives in a rural area of South Australia. Her inspiration for her doodle drawings comes from the land around her and a great love of nature.


Being self-taught and throwing herself into drawing she has quickly grown a style of her own which has become recognizable to those that follow her work.


“One day I saw a doodle on a website and it started from there. I now combine my love of nature and doodling to create doodle-drawings of what I see around me and what I imagine.”


Her work includes the Fish Series, plants, abstracts, and portraits, the latest are landscapes of the Australian bush.


“Through my Australian land and seascapes, I seek to capture their uniqueness from the sounds, smells, and emotions they provoke within me.”


Using the simple materials of pen and ink Barbara is now experimenting to incorporate watercolors into her work.

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