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I`m a german self-taught artist

My abstract paintings and collages reflect the different moods, experiences, crises, and happy moments of life. Since my early youth I have been an art enthusiast and now live the dream of creating art myself.

Through my many years of work as a palliative care specialist and my training as an art therapist in cologne by K. Evertz, Institute of Art Analysis and Art Therapy, I have experienced how liberating and wholesome creative work can be in a life crisis. The unconscious can be viewed and edited.

Therefore I work very intuitively, sometimes starting pictures with my eyes closed, and then seeing what can develop from them.

For me, music is absolutely part of the painting process, especially hip-hop makes my creativity dance. When commissioned, I ask about the customer`s favorite music and allow it to inspire me to the colors, shapes, and materials of his individual painting.

My colors are strong, colorful, in even new combinations and expressions of my positive attitude to life. A picture is done when it makes me smile.

 Each work of art carries in its core the essence of the artist and can evoke deep feelings in the viewer.

I hope you find something in my works that makes you smile.

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