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The artist uses painting and mixed media to re-assemble objects and images that help to reflect aspects of the world that surrounds us. He works on flat-panel paintings that consist of shapes and draughtsmanship from a bold color palette, referencing nuances from abstraction and pattern design. The work helps the viewer understand the world by combining representation with a background of intuitive abstraction. The paintings lead the eye into a whole journey of interconnected shapes that use both curved and straight lines, helping to enliven interest and impact. When exploring subjects, the artist often frees himself from limitations and explores different possibilities for one particular work.

Taking care of the preparation for the creative process, the artist researches ideas surrounding geographical exploration and cultural theory. He investigates imagery that may provide a means to communicate to the viewer and is influenced by representational observations and minimal painting to present something that intends to appear as some kind of visual map for the nurturing of the creative spirit.

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