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“Painting with fire and beeswax” is the passion of encaustic artist Beate Bank. Encaustic is a demanding painting technique involving the application of hot wax to wooden panels. The superimposition of layers of translucent wax creates a special reflection of light, which illuminates the painting from within. As each layer is fused with a torch, heat plays a decisive role in the formation of the artwork.

Beate is particularly attracted by the sensual nature of wax painting - the scent of honey released when the beeswax melts, the unique haptic quality of the medium and the sheer brilliance of the colours. The special properties of the medium open up unexpected creative possibilities which can be seen in her portfolio.

The entire painting process is experimental, constantly taking on a new and surprising twist and demanding a constant readiness to adapt and change direction. Taking up this challenge means stepping into unknown territory, yet with many and rich rewards.

You can also find Beate on Instagram: @beate.bank

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