Beatrice is a French Italian artist in her early twenties. She was born in Paris and studied in Milan and Trieste. A goldsmith by training, she brings to her painting an attention to detail and a chromatic style that are inspired by the study of nature, light and the changing colours during the seasons.
Beatrice uses different techniques: oil-based paint and acrylic on canvas for the larger abstract paintings, coloured inks on thick cardboard for the smaller sized sketches, and water-based paint on lighter canvas. Texture and brush stroke define her work; the effect is of vibrancy and movement.
Beatrice has won the Comune di Trieste Sponsorship to exhibit her works in the Sala Comunale in Trieste (January to February 2019).
The collections proposed are based on the seasons and the observation of nature. “Summer in Trieste” is her interpretation of the seashore and the play of light during summer storms; “Carso” is a perspective of the rocky, steep countryside descending towards the sea; “Nights” is a series of views where darkness and city lights interact. “Spring” are some more recent paintings from the weeks in lockdown.

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