Born in Paris to Spanish parents. My childhood was divided between France and
Spain punctuated by a serious accident in my adolescence. Years go by and after a
painful moment, I discover painting. It comes to me like a rebirth, a song that comes
from the bowels of the earth, deep and secret. My universe is dominated by red. Red
is inseparable from my life, in the end I have always known it, it is part of me, part of
my Iberian roots, of my life as a woman. I always come back to red.
Red is the color of my history, of my childhood, the color of the shining sun, of
passion, the one that drives us. This red that gives hope, this red that is none other
than that of humanity, that of the blood flowing in our veins, intimately linked to life,
intimately linked to death.

Since 1998, I have participated in numerous personal and group exhibitions in
France and abroad.

Master II – Plastics Arts – Paris I – La Sorbonne –France
Diploma of Martenot Fine Arts Teaching
University Diploma Artistic Mediation Therapies

First award of Arts - May of Creators - Arts center - 94 Orly -
Plastics Arts Award  from the Commercial Chamber of Spain in France and the
« Colegio de Espana » in Paris - 2011

Member of Fondation Taylor- Paris - France

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