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Born in Argentina, living in Mexico City for more than ten years. Belen restarted painting a short time ago. Strongly influenced by colors and their endless combinations. Expressing in her works color, movement and form. Although she has done all kinds of manual works, while painting she is 100% self-taught. Allowing herself to play, experiment and learn from each creative process, to express what she feels inside.

It motivates her to experiment with different techniques to discover which one
describes her and which one allows her to express herself better. The spatula is one of her favorites techniques and the one that allows her to play and express her passion for color. The uncertainty of not really knowing the stroke of the spatula is what really passionates her. Forcing herself to allow her work to take shape step by step.

In general, she chooses for each work a color palette composed of 2 or 3 base colors. Then expand that range of colors and play with all the variaciones that each color offers. Her backdrops are elaborated, deep and detailed. Expressing her mood, playing with lights and depth. She greatly enjoys abstracting in each of her works, to learn and enjoy from the creative process, and thus to define herself as an artist.

She works in the world of interior design and decoration. Looking to offer and facilitate the incorporation of ART in the life and homes of her clients. Helping them to create unique spaces with which they feel comfortable and identified.

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