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Hello.  I am a 32 year old Hungarian girl. I was born with creative vein.  my grandfather also paints, my dad plays music, my mom draws beautifully.  Until I was 30, music played a central role in my life.  I sing and play guitars.  but besides that, I always dealt with what I liked.  I made bags, sewed Malas from crystals, I clayed, made hand poke tattooes. so arts are always with me.  in addition to love of plants and gardening which I have always done.  sow a seed and raise it to take care of it and then harvest its fruit.  I think it's also a creation.  I am interested in the secrets and mysteries of the universe, the ancient peoples and their culture, the Taoist ideas of Thai chi and the protection of animals.  these things make me happy and my Love with whom i live in vienna.  welcome here in one part of my world

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