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Bernard Meyers is that rarest of artists with the heart of poet and the mind of a scientist. He began developing film at age 12. His first photographic print was a clue to his entire future. A photograph of his big brother and in the adjacent clear film at the end of the roll he drew an image then printed as a pair.

At Rochester Institute of technology, he studied not only fine art photography but traditional lithography and etching. His graduate thesis explored the roots of creative expression and paths to the moments of inspiration.

He founded Portland Photographics an atelier dedicated to fine art exhibition printing. His mastery of printing ranges from stone lithography dye transfer, Cibachrome color darkroom and today creating limited edition archival pigment prints.

At the heart of his current Urban Abstract project, he continues to experiment and push beyond the boundaries of software and convention. His abstract sensibilities and desire for exploration and visual surprise is evident within all of his imagery. His artwork is
held in museum, public, private and corporate collections nationwide.

“For me the higher ground of art has always been occupied by the unexplainable, the abstract. This work moves in and out of the representational, architecture advertising even text is expressed as uncommon language. I want the temporal elements shifting
between both the original reality and my imagination. I play with and push software beyond expectation to uncover these unusual collisions of color and form, I want the original intentions of visual structure to find new life. I want to rattle the bones of reality. I want the work experienced as an emotional reaction, rich with intrigue and wonder.”

Bernard C. Meyers

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