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Sivaraman is a self-taught contemporary line artist, abstract painter, and a figurative sculptor. 


She fiercely cross-experiments with mediums such as ink, acrylic, fire, and clay on paper, canvas, and walls. All her line works are continuous and are also drawn blindfolded and/or ambidextrously. She captures abstract expressionism using random brush strokes, palette knife, and the ash from the fire. Sivaraman’s air dry clay sculptures center around innately feminine torsos and evolution of the human heads (which she calls them as ‘Otokos’). Created organically by the artist; every sculpture captures imagination while leaving an impressionistic effect reminding of its timelessness.


All of Sivaraman’s works are intuitively created in her home studio which she calls ‘The Art of Now’. She has taken to this form of art to teach her the sound of subconscious, the power of presence, and the focus to create. Sivaraman uses her art process to record snippets of wisdom which unravels the mysteries behind human cognition and socio-emotional intelligence.

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