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I am a fine art painter based in Montreal, Canada. Originally from India, primarily I create intricate images in a 2500-year-old, Indian art form known as Madhubani.


What drives me to perform painting is the stillness I extract from the art form Madhubani. Repeating intricate patterns propels me towards perfection, demanding to be extremely focused on the movement of each brush stroke in alignment with my breathing. And in that hour of the day when my hands are frozen and my mind reaches the pinnacle of self-talking and taking me to a state where silence and emptiness create extreme expansion and awareness for each movement. Gifting the experience of reaching the depth, where my childhood is providing meaning to these creations.


Painting gives me a medium to cherish the presence of my grandfather in my childhood. Us traveling to places to explore ancient structures producing music from 56 pillars, carved underground medicinal wells, or dark caves deep in the woods. He developed my connection with nature, understanding the formation of the giant tree in the neighborhood, witnessing a dancing peacock in the rain in our backyard, or maybe just a simple act of watering plants in the morning.


These actions in my childhood act as an epicenter for all the visions.

Giving me the courage to explore my existence on this planet!

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