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Bianca Bagatourian is a British and American artist who earned a BFA from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California before graduating from the Brooklyn College Playwriting MFA Program. She is an experimental artist whose work has been shown worldwide and is especially known for pushing boundaries to break new ground. Her latest artwork compromise of pieces executed completely on an iPhone or iPad, joining a new breed of artists who straddle the line between old and new technologies.

The dynamic compositions, textures, and colors in her pieces are inspired by different cultures, spanning from Europe to Africa, China, and the Middle East.

 Bianca spends her time traveling the world writing and producing new works. She also accepts special commissions for unique projects. 

The below pieces are from Bianca‘s London Under Water series.

Inspired by research that by 2050 sea-levels will most likely rise about 6-10 inches, this series imagines a cosmopolitan city going underwater as glaciers melt too quickly and oceans expand.

My happiest moments are walking down streets I don’t know and uncovering the cultural wealth and individuality that exists beneath our global neighborhoods"