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I am a dancer/performer born in Rome based now in Berlin. I graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School and performed in several projets and companies around the world, from Moscow to Rome, via London, Berlin and Catania.

I started painting just out of curiosity, driven by the need to find new ways to express myself and wonder what could come out on the canvas. Painting became quickly a passion and a wonderful way for me to channel certain feelings.

Improvisation is the engine of what I do, whether in life or in dancing. There is nothing like being submerged in the moment, not knowing what will happen and create situations or movements which I will probably never reproduce when retracing my steps.

The same improvisational drive applies to my painting. I move around the canvas in a very active way, most of the times throwing colours at it, nothing is planned, calculated nor rationalised.

All of us can see and feel different things when looking at a canvas. Abstract art somehow repels notions of what is good and what is ugly, there are no rules, no prejudices.

This freedom is fundamental, and goes beyond art.
We can think what we want and nobody can take our thoughts away.

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