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Emerging young artist born in 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey. Grew up in an artistic family full of musicians.
Paints since early childhood, first starting from the walls and floors of their small house. Has always expressed herself with painting instead of talking. Had her very first abstract piece exhibited at the age of 9. Considering the age, her -so to say- ‘weirdly depressive’ painting got attention and she got requested by the principle to repaint it on the wall of her primary school.
She has developed a unique concept in 2014, where she started to combine her classical paintings with digital art. She uses watercolors, acrylic, and charcoal to construct her work and continues them digitally to have unlimited possibilities to boost her creativity. Her unique artworks therefore have the touch of a classical painting along with a modern digital texture, which is quite unusual. She is obsessed with different symmetries on people’s face and with painting them.
Got music education starting at the age of 7, and plays multiple instruments. The most interesting thing about her is not being able to paint at all in the absence of music.
Currently lives in Berlin, Germany and keeps producing new art pieces for her upcoming solo exhibition.

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