The visual artist “Blair" was born in the middle of a worldwide sanitary and sociopolitical crisis. In order to reference his beginnings, he utilizes a metaphor indicating its resemblance to a vast, arid ground who puts an end to its extended drought, showing impetuously the first flowers. Blair’s art is expressed through abstractions and colors, confirming an own universe where his works don’t have limits, nor conditions, exploring canvas paintings and Mixed Media; incorporating physical elements such as newspapers, scraps of fabrics and other materials that help to nurture some of his works. His forms, themes, and colors are full of energy, strength, textures, vitality, and hidden images where, alongside its multiple cuts, traces, and strokes, it invites the spectator to let their imagination fly. Within such little time, Blair has succeeded in captivating hundreds of people: enthusiastic followers and worldwide artists who admire his job. Likewise, thanks to his charming works, Blair has already been invited to numerous European art galleries

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