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P. Archie Zan was born in Yugoslavia. After the Balkan war he decided to become an architect to help rebuild the country. During his studies in Ljubljana he came across the famous Slovenian modernist painter Zoran Mušič. Archie was particularly fascinated with Mušič’s haunting self-portraits. In 1996 Archie nearly abandoned architecture in favour of fine art was it not for an opportunity to study in London. He graduated from the prestigious Architectural Association in 2000 and worked as an architect until 2015. In 2008 Archie visited Francis Bacon’s exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London which had profound effect on his life. Archie left architecture after realising it would always limit his artistic creativity and became a self-taught artist. His recent paintings done in confinement exploreisolation, anxiety and self-doubt. He deconstructs his own figure, puts the pieces through invisible barriers and then re-constructs them using his architectural background.
P. Archie Zan is an alias and a play on the word ‘partisan’ or ‘artisan’. He believes that working under an alias gives him more freedom to create. In his words: “art without a label is like a projection without
a screen – it becomes limitless!”. He creates between London and Paris and continues to push his own boundaries in pursuit of recognition in a non-generic way.

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