Bogdify-40x50cm mixed media -Explosion.j



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Iva Bogdanova Vandergheynst, known artistically as 'BogdiFy', is a Bulgarian-born artist based in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is a graduate in Electrical Engineering and holds a PHD.

She has been interested in colours, sketching and drawing since her childhood but it is only in the last few years that she has had the opportunity to totally and entirely dedicate her time to expressing herself through her paintings. Her artworks are mainly abstract and painted on canvas using mixed-media. Her background in geometry and its expansions onto curved spaces came along her scientific research but it definitely touches and shapes the grid-based compositions in her paintings.

Unconstrained by the forms found in the objective reality, the abstraction gives the freedom for communicating emotions. Bogdify's paintings are vibrant and energetic, meticulously crafted with repeating patterns, based on specific choice of colour contrasts, and detailed thought. They certainly reflect emotional energy. When the geometry is applied on the magic choice of colours at background and foreground levels, the composition is ready to take the viewer on a meandering discovery.

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