I am a self-taught artist painting with gouache or acrylic on paper or canvas. I was born in 1947. I received my Master’s Degree in Biology in 1971 and my Doctorate in Biochemistry in 1982. In 1988 continued as Associate Professor of Biochemistry and received the title of ‘Professor of Biochemistry’ in 1994.

Since 1992, my relationship with the paints began. The monotony and the artificiality of the daily routine, encouraged me to reconsider the meaning of life. The act of creating something initiated a new passion that brought me to a kind of spiritual satisfaction with the sparkles of freedom. My deep struggle with the paints, which lasted for years, has archived in the frames as abstracted expressions which may be considered as paintings in time.
After I quit my active duty from the University, my relationship with the paints has continued in my atelier more intensely. My paintings which are merged with the layers of my subconcious are the solid state of my emotional expressions in the form of the harmony of shapes and colors with an absolute freedom.
Besides visual arts, my passion for music which comes from years when it is believed that music can change the flow of the life and the world, has caused me to learn flute during my adulthood. We are still performing in various local musical events with the band that we founded with my friends in 90’s.

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