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My name is Bolli and I have been creating things for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Poland where I had some early art tuition but moved to the UK in 2006 and qualified as an accountant. After a series of corporate jobs I strapped on a backpack and travelled through LatinAmerica and Southern Africa. It was during this year-long trip that I experienced my epiphany: to dedicate myself to conveying abstract ideas in a simple manner rather than attempting the kind of representations I had previously been experimenting with. I was inspired by the street art, crafts and small galleries I saw everywhere from Guatemala to Peru and Zambia as much as the established artists in MOMA in New York. When I paint, I exist in the moment, where hand and heart are in perfect synchronicity. My preferred medium is oil on canvas, sometimes using various types of mixed media. I am interested in emotional impact. I want to put across my values and beliefs and at the same time force others to question their own. If it grabs your attention and leaves little to the imagination, then so be it. I am aware of the reaction some of my paintings will have on the public.Every piece of art should come from the heart. I use cheerful, basic colour-sand a free, fluid movement of paint to express my vision of a world which is essentially unjust.One of the themes of many of my paintings is the idea of wide-eyed characters looking right back at the viewer, holding a mirror to modern society. Open your eyes and look what is going on around you.In a world where truth is increasingly more difficult to discern through the spread of “fake news”, then it becomes incumbent upon the artist to show their truth unrestricted by taboos. 

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