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For me each new painting is a journey into the unknown, and in that way perhaps a metaphor for life.  I have no idea what lies ahead, how I will get there, or if I will succeed.  The journey unfolds a little at a time, slowly revealing to me which path to follow.  Each journey is different, not only in outcome, but also in technique.  I use all manner of media including pens and pencils, crayons, acrylics and spray paint.  No two of my paintings are made exactly the same way.

Recalling illustrated story books from my childhood, I like to create a visual wonderland full of energy and mystery. Sometimes they are dark or foreboding, and other times joyful and uplifting, often some of each. Serendipity and the natural laws of physics with which liquid paint behaves are significant contributors to my creative process. The power of accident forces me out of my own limitations and prejudices, and causes me to have to reach further into myself for bigger and better solutions than I could have imagined from within my comfort zone. Sometimes acting out in frustration is the very thing that leads to a breakthrough. 

 Another key factor in my artistic style is the pareidolia affect.  The human mind strives to find recognizable patterns everywhere the eye gazes.  Denied a recognizable form, the imagination goes into overdrive and forcibly imposes some kind of meaning onto the painting that is not actually there. In my work, forms are suggested but left largely undefined to elicit an imaginative response from the viewer.  In a way, this makes each viewer have a uniquely personal experience, and is thus made a contributor to the creative process by adding the “final stroke” that gives the painting a specific subjective meaning themselves.  I am always surprised by what people tell me they see in my work, and they are always surprised to hear that there is nothing really there at all.

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