My name is Bridie Charlesworth and I’m 34 female from Plymouth in south west England.

I have worked as a make up Artist for more than 12 years now.
I’ve always loved the paint brush and creating and how it makes you feel when you have achieved a beautiful outcome.

Since the covid 19 I’ve been unable to work on people’s faces so I decided to turn my brush to a blank canvas and create.

I’ve incorporated gold leaf in most of my work I love the warmth and depth it brings!

I’m featuring Peacock feathers at the moment I just love how a single feather can be just so capturing!

Ive poured so much love and passion into my paintings its brought me so much calm and joy at this time in life!

I’m now in love with painting and want to share my work.

Each painting is unique and I can paint to order changing colours and sizes.

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