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My name is Carlos Santana, I was born 47 years ago in the Department of Nariño / pasto.
Since I was a child I was interested in drawing and painting, being at university, when I studied Graphic Design, the one that I was even more passionate about. Thanks to the concepts as a human figure, the use of techniques such as watercolours, pastels, airbrushing, coloured pencils and others, little by little led me to this passion.

The use of different substrates from conventional ones such as fabrics, wood, Icopores, as well as paints for each one, with their respective limitations, exploit my creativity every day and the capacity for creation is unlimited. Today I consider myself an artist who finds inspiration in each of my works in abstract expressionism, with the strength and determination that it implies. My references are informalists, expressionists and conceptual artists.

And my purpose and purpose is to share what I do with people who admire, are passionate about and feel the piece of art that they acquire as their own .....


“at the end of the day art is a new perspective ”.... Christian Jankowski.