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I am a self-taught Brazilian artist, 42 years old. I graduated 18 years ago in
Biological Sciences and I worked for a few years in the business area at institution of
"Banco do Brasil" (Bank of Brazil). Today, I live in northern California, near Mount
Shasta, with my husband Leonardo and two sons: Erick (10) and Ryan (2).

Art came to me in December 2019, after a unique and deep spiritual experience.

In my life I had never had direct contact with art. I had never painted, or even
studied, despite always admiring all artistic expression in the world and being
fascinated by photography.

Even practicing painting for a very short time, I believe that my artistic skills are a
gift from my past lives, and I have been learning and rescuing this sensitivity and
ability with each new canvas.

I really understand something special happens when we overcome barriers and
allow ourselves to live the magic that exists inside us and beyond time.

I have this San Francis of Assisi quote with me: “Start by doing what's necessary;
then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible...”.

My artworks are intuitive and multi-cultural, with a focus on female portraits. But I
keep my spirit free to create and sometimes I can risk something different and paint
abstract art.

I discovered that art is in my soul and in my heart. My purpose is to share the love
and elevate our connection with the divine essence. That is the message I want to
send to the world.

My inspiration comes from ancestry, from the elements of nature and extrasensory
impulses. My creative process happens through connection with my spirit guides,
and from that point, I sketch the details of the face, bringing the energy through the
eyes and facial expressions.

My mediums consists of Acrylic on Canvas and I often mix textures with brush and
pallet knife. Just as I interact with abstract art and portraiture.
Looking at the moment, I feel that each step I take now and the little that I develop,
aligns me with the love and path of my soul and shows me that I can keep moving
forward without limits.

I bring in my heart this Sufi wisdom from Rumi: “This is a subtle truth. Whatever
you love you are."

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