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Caroline Boff is an international emerging contemporary artist from the UK. Caroline lives in Bolton, north west England. She discovered her artistic streak whilst at school as a young girl. Though she is largely a self-taught artist. Caroline is inspired by nature, the human psyche, philosophy, romanticism, love and the human condition. She creates wonderous compositions filled with feeling, energy and colour. Caroline seeks out and paints various forms of paradise and erupts her profound emotions onto the canvas for your pleasure. Caroline only paints and draws what she is passionate about, through joy, laughter or love, it has always touched her soul and her heart is
always within every piece. Caroline has exhibited recently at the Brick Lane Gallery,
London, New York Art Expo, The Other Art Fair, London, Chester Arts Fair. Situation
allowing, she has upcoming exhibitions at the Untitled Artists Fair, Chelsea, London and at "Women of the World" in New York.

Upcoming Events

The Untitled Artists Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Chelsea, London

‘Women of the World’ exhibition, South Art Dealer, New York