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A self-taught artist based in Southern California influenced by my intuition and living a philosophy that one is never too old to begin a new direction in one's life. Covid 19 stay at home orders in March 2020 were the words I needed to hear as a starting point to focus on painting. My life experiences have been spent in being creative and creativity. As a young child I loved to draw trees in nature and colour, attended international art shows in Europe and the U.S., chairperson for a major event fund raiser for the Detroit Institute of Arts, throwing incredible creative theme parties in Washington D.C. and Michigan, collecting art for our home, creating a line of unique evening purses, boutique owner, living in Paris France dancing and as a buyer of antiques for interior designers, taking abstract art classes in Ca., and becoming a background artist for television. A lifetime of creative experiences that has led me to produce works of art at 70 in 2020. 2020, a year that has taken me to places that I have never known before. An inner evolving time where I have been given a chance to find a place of security and connection to my inner self through my painting. A non-reactive space to the breakdowns occurring all around me in a shared worldly connection like no other time in my life.My painting comes from nowhere outside of me, my connection to myself and the universal intelligence. My body is the deciding decision maker while painting. Like a pendulum I find answers to which colours to use, shapes, lines, designs, changes to make as well as what shows up in my paintings unexpectedly. I approach my empty canvas with no pre-thoughts, just a tuning in while relying on my instinct and intuition. Paintings filled with new and other directions and turns that lead me to a finished piece of art. Painting brings me to my quiet peaceful place, a focused place where time that fly's by is well spent. Unlike a lack of focus in certain areas of my life, painting is what I stick with day onto day until it is complete. I believe my paintings reflect those energies of interconnectedness, playfulness, and a feeling of happy happy. My life has been about freedom, variety and showing up in the face of adversity. My paintings for me are about flow, movement, high energy and change. A love of change and unusual happenings keeps my life interesting and colourful. I paint forcefully without fear of making a mistake.I may or may not develop a signature image but my hope is there will be no denying this is my work. Maybe it will be the outlining, the colours, the energy, the intuition or a feel-good feeling.Maybe my claim to fame will be that I began painting at 70 and ready to express more of myself in ways I may not have known yet. I just know when it feels good just do it.

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