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I am a Chilean painter currently living in Melbourne, Australia. My art emerges from the need to express different mood states, memories, the joy of nature, exotic animals and inspiring places I would love to travel; places far away with very different landscapes and colours.

Fantasy and magic surrealism have been always sources of inspiration for me. They constantly emerge in my work as naïve imaginary figures.

Lately, I have been exploring around women’s portraits. Women have always been a strong theme in my paintings and I am constantly searching for faces who inspire me.

My working medium is mainly acrylics and watercolours. Both give me lots of freedom which I love every single time I pick a brush.




Small art works Brunswick Street Gallery, 2019, Australia

 Nostalgia In.cube8r Gallery, 2019, Australia

 Then Came Roses Gallery Gee Lee-Wick Dolen, 2019, Australia

 Colectiva Reflecta Exhibit - Galería oOps!, 2015, Chile

Legere Project 

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