My Name is Cameron Galbraith and I live in Southampton, England. I have recently completed a Foundation Art Diploma which has allowed me to explore my own creative practice through many different mediums. I am now excited to attend Central Saint Martins (University of Arts London) which will hopefully allow me to refine said practice.
My work itself is inspired by my passion for philosophy which most recently draws parallels between the prisoners in ‘Plato’s Allegory of the Cave’ and modern-day society through large oil paintings and sculptures. However, one of my biggest inspirations in life is my own severe dyslexia. My struggle fall have shown me that even when something seems impossible if you work really hard your biggest the obstacle can become your greatest strength. As I am a fairly young artist only just beginning my career in the creative arts I have only been exhibited once before, in 2016, in the Mall Gallery in London for the National Students Art Exhibition with my piece ‘Lost at Sea’.

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