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Camilla Demandt

Camilla (Copenhagen 1970) is a Danish artist who works mainly in mixed materials on canvas.

Born and raised in central Copenhagen she has always been creative and inquisitive. She studied architecture for two years at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.  She now spends her time between working from home and in her studio in the Danish countryside.

In her process, her abstract works grow organically, and she feels complied to use whatever materials the work requires her to use. They invite to be touched and felt, mentally, and emotionally.

Her work is explorations of the human psyche, the areas of tension between thought, emotions, and the subconscious.

Multilayered and facetted, her works take us on a journey of the Self, daring us to ask questions about who, what and how we are. Who, what and how we want to be.

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