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Part time painter and artist located in Drøbak, Norway, a small coastal town south of Oslo with magnificent light.

Working with acrylic paintings and love to experiment with colors and trying out different techniques. I do mostly abstract or semi abstract paintings.

My inspiration comes from the beautiful nature, the changes in each season and the light we have in Norway. I often find motives or a composition being out in the nature; either by the sea, in the woods or in the mountains.

I try to express a kind of “dreamy” feeling, but also some kind of dynamics in my paintings.

My artwork has been sold since 2000 until now, both to the B2B market and to private buyers.

Some of my paintings have been represented by Gallery 104 and NYA Gallery, New York, USA.



1989-1990: Student at University of Oslo (Preparatory studies and pre course in Russian language, phonetics/science of language).

1993-1995: Studies at IHM Business School, Oslo (Studies in: Travel Tourism and Marketing Economy).

1997-2000: Student at a private art school hosted by painter Per Henry Garman-Vik, Oslo, Norway. (Studies in: color theory, drawing, sketch work and painting).

2001-2003: Part time student at NKI – Interior design studies (including studies in: Color theory, Art history, technical drawing).



Feb.1999: Participated in a student exhibition at Per Henry Garman-Vik’s private art school, Oslo, Norway.

(All of the students made an artwork from listening to Gustav Mahler’s 5th symphony).

June 2001: Participated in art exhibition at Ringerikes Paintingschool, Hønefoss, Norway.


May 2019: Participated in the “Healing” exhibition in New York, USA.

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