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My name is Charlie Rodrigues and I am an artist originally from the U.K but we moved to Portugal in November 2018. I am married with a child and 2 dogs. I am a self-taught artist. I home educated my son in the U.K and I was doing some online art classes with him and really enjoyed it. So I have carried on painting. I really didn’t like art at school but now I have a real passion for it.

I started selling a few pieces to raise money for a couple of animal charities that I support. I still donate part of any money I make. I have also done quite a few commissions for people all over the world. I sell some paintings directly through one of the charities too. I have donated pieces to charity auctions and each time they have raised a nice amount for them.

I love to play with colour and texture. I have only really used acrylic paints but will be experimenting with oils soon. I want to progress and expand the types of art I do. I also love to mosaic with ceramic tiles, my house is full of it.

I also take my art to local art fairs here in Portugal.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Ménière’s disease. This has really impacted my life and has been a lot to deal with but my art has been the most incredible therapy for me. When I’m painting it’s the only time I forget about having this horrible illness.