I am Charuka Arora, an alumnus of Domus Academy, Milan, Italy & Pearl Academy, Delhi, India.

Born & brought up in a small town (Agra, India) I was very early in my life introduced to the concept of identity and a miss of it.

Hence, my works are a symphony of an urban woman’s (often myself) quest for her identity and the emotional & psychological impact of it, on her life.

Creating mosaics & compositions journalling these thoughts and tales especially in context to contemporary issues like gender, sexuality, environment, etc that play a predominant role in shaping the woman of today & tomorrow.

To further my practice, I am also keen on exploring these issues with a common thread that runs through different cultures, geography & religions. And, its impact on women across the globe.


My painting explores these concepts while featuring a play of nature itself. And, narrating its voice.

Each piece can be sen as a scene that invites the viewer to stitch together their own narratives, drawing on personal experience and generating their own meanings.

Creating a body of work that is visually linked to the shaping of our future. Through, an often missing voice- The voice of a  woman.


For years we heard tales, read in history, and also witnessed ourselves the way women were put in a cage of societal pressure and patriarchy.

What was interesting and that impacted my life the most is the appearance of women with the ability of them to redefine their definition by themselves.

How women and the idea of their identity have taken a new shape.

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