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Chava Silverman was born in New York City and was exposed from a young age to the exciting artwork in the museums and galleries of New York. While very young, Chava already dreamed of becoming an artist and was particularly drawn to expressionist artworks, the brilliant coloring of the Fauves, and the whimsical and childlike elements in the works of Picasso, Paul Klee, and Miro. After high school, Chava emigrated to Israel and studied for a BSW in Social Work at the Hebrew University. At the same time, she began to study both drawing and painting for many years in the studios and homes of many well-known Jerusalem artists. She later studied and completed another B.A. in English Literature and History of Art at the Hebrew University. Although for many years her life was completely taken up with work and family, Chava has recently returned to her love of painting and paints regularly in her home studio. Today she mainly paints imaginary and magical figures and landscapes in brilliant color and in a semi-abstract expressionist style in acrylics on canvas. The most striking element in her art is the bold and powerfully expressive use of color.


Chava, who is a member of the Artists and Sculptors Association of Israel (in Beer Sheva), has participated in numerous local group exhibitions since 2015 and exhibited over 55 new works in a solo local exhibition in 2016.

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