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I was born in Copparo (Ferrara - Italy) in 1968, I studied as a civil engineer, I live and work in Italy and for years I’d been fond of abstract painting, photography, and poetry.

The love for the Arts was born in me since childhood, thanks to the foresight of my family, even if not rich, to let me see exhibitions, museums, and later to attend concerts and theater performances.
For a long time, I’d been accompanied by the poetry writing and photography (portraits, landscapes, architecture); I later discovered abstract painting as an expressive way to describe the most intimate and emotional human soul through color, as well as through the words.

Painting and poetry are often inspired by each other, giving a body and a face inwards. So I find myself beyond the bustle of life, inspired by life itself, taken by the urgent desire to tell about it.

But the burning inspiration can also come from other sources, mainly music, meeting with special people, books.

Through the colors, there is my constant research and discovery of the unexpected beauty of the soul, in all its nuances.
Painting is, therefore, characterized by the intensity and the presence of many colors, as well as material textures, obtained through the acrylic medium, spread not only with a brush and through the use, often, of other mixed media.

Commissions are well accepted and I always say that “we can make a good artwork together, as you are giving me a great inspiration”.

“Painting is my real life and passion… but I have to do another job to fill the fridge…”

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