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I am Chiara Milan and was born in 1998 in Bolzano, Italy.


I studied as a baker, but as a child, I make and paint.

I grew up watching create and paint my dad by working with an artist.


They held my brush when I was two, and I never laid it again.

I never stopped painting between school or private schemes.


Often and I'd like to be told that I'm hyper creative, if I don't paint or create anything I go crazy.


I like to experience various materials, I love painting on cotton canvas or wooden axes, both redefined and pretty rough.


I keep mixing different colours together to create different shades, colours never enough, I almost forget to put the primary colours in my work.


In my paintings, the essential thing is that it is the black explosion whether it is small or large, there must be.


All my paintings represent me, my thoughts, my emotions.


Over the last few days, I started posting my art on Instagram, with a little fear that the world would show my intimate part, my world, but it was a challenge that I wanted to face with a good result.


See that I can transmit something to people, rip a smile, let them relax, let any emotion, through my art is the most beautiful and satisfactory thing that it is, to think that a little colour lay down in a certain way, does all of this, it's incredible!

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